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Another day in LA

Please excuse my typos and ungrammatical syntax, as I am typing this nearly half asleep and exhausted from today.

Today instead of volunteering for the Rose Parade Float, my friends and I drove all around Los Angeles doing "things." We started the day out at CVS where I needed to buy some carsickness medicine (I get it pretty bad), and in my opinion, the cashier looked a bit like Micheal Cera.

Next, we drove to the Griffith Observatory. It was great because it was especially clear on this particular day so we were able to see the skyline perfectly. We then searched for the, what my friends cleverly call "park park of the park" i.e. the park which includes a playground and a hiking trail. My friend who recently received a GPS for Christmas, decided to use it for the first time. I love how accurate it was. We were in the parking lot and she announced "when possible make a sharp right turn" and literally 3 seconds after the turn, she announced "you have arrived at your destination." I'm sorry, my destination was across the parking lot? 10 feet behind us? It actuality, it was up the hill and a few miles across. We eventually found it and it was called "Shane's Inspiration," which to me, personally sounds really depressing. It sounds as if it's dedicated to a boy passed away due to some health complications. Anyway, there was a merry go round down there and we wanted to take pictures of it, because it looked so vintage and adorable. Of course, there were cars of shirtless boys coming out of the car as we passed by shouting random comments at us such as, "hey girls" and "where you goin' ladies?!" I guess that's just boys.

Afterwards, we went to Pizza Fusion in hopes of seeing the adorable waiter he works there. I absolutely adore Joseph Gordon Levitt, and the waited oddly resembled him. With my luck, he wasn't there. He's the type of individual that when he smiles, it immediately raises the mood of the room. We had delicious Brushetta Pizza. I really recommend it as all items at the restaurant are organic and fresh (not to mention delicious).

We ended with a trip to Target. I bought delicious Lindt white chocolate<3 and fake nails (since I bite mine, a truly disgusting habit that has been nearly impossible to quit).

In the middle of all the adventure, we had issues with the GPS and a lady letting out very loud bodily sounds in the McDonald's restroom.
the old zoo

LiveJournal, I've miss you so...

Hi, so I decided to recreate my livejournal because honestly I've missed writing so much. I used to have one, but I guess "life" happened and I couldn't keep up with it.

I'm currently a senior in high school and I cannot be more excited to graduate. I've been applying to colleges for about 4 months now! The process is so long, however the advantage is that I know the Common App inside and out so if you have any questions about it, I'll be happy to share my newly found knowledge. I'm striving for NYU, Georgetown, and Northeastern. So far, I've only gotten into two colleges, from my state-- CSUF and Univ. of the Pacific. Two backups! It's kind of funny, what some people (meaning I) have spent working our whole lives for and a lousy rejection letter can make you feel like a failure (like my rejection from Stanford).

Anyway, I'm currently enrolled in two AP classes at my lovely super ghetto high school in Los Angeles County. It's kind of ironic, I'm a minority there, however I'm classified as a majority in the United States. I'm so tired of my city, which is one of the reasons why I'm so ready to see and experience the world. I especially adore the UK and Australia, which is why I want to study abroad there. I'm hoping things will work out.

I've been spending much of my time  with my friends (and procrastinating-- senioritis:/) driving around LA and our neighboring cities. It's all been an incredible experience.

Anyway, I love meeting people; so drop a comment, send a message or judge my blog.